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Golf Club and Putter Fitting

With todays technology, and numerous choices in golf clubs, it is next to impossible to buy a set of clubs off the rack.  Every manufacturer offers custom fitting.  But having golf clubs fit using a flawed golf swing only fits the flaw.  You cannot fix a bad swing with club fitting.  I always suggest that you take a few lessons first, get your swing working the way that you want , and then get your clubs fit to that swing.  You will have better and longer lasting results using this approach.

And one last thing folks, DON'T FORGET YOUR PUTTER.  You can't believe how many time I will look into someones bag and see a thousand dollar set of clubs, and a fifteen dollar putter.  The putter is the most used club in your bag and it should demand a little attention.

Putting Sessions and Putter Fitting:
Putting and putter fitting is typically over looked by golfers. However, putting consists of approximately 40 percent of the game. 

My Putting Sessions consists of a dynamic look at alignment, setup, stroke mechanics and rhythm, plus putter design and fit. I have found that 8 out of 10 golfers can not aim their putter correctly on a 10-12 foot putt. 3 to 4 of ten golfers miss aim by 7 inches left or right on a 10-12 foot putt. These alignment flaws lead to compensations in the stroke, and compensations lead to poor putting. Often, the golfer’s putter is misfit for their needs.

I will identify your flaws, teach you the proper set up and stroke mechanics, design a practice program, and custom fit and build a putter if necessary.

There are two putter styles. The Brazos (blade) and San Saba (mallet) models are milled in Texas with the same method used to produce most premium putters in the golf industry. The unique factor that separates this equipment from the other fine putters out there is the proprietary bendable hosel. This polished stainless steel hosel allows me to adjust four of the putter variables, including 1.) lie angle, 2.) loft angle, 3.) degree of hosel offset, and 4.) putter balance. 



Cost:   Putting Session……..$85.00


           Putting Session plus a Back Weighted          

           KC Putter Grip……….$115.00


           Putting Session plus a custom fit and built










   Click here to listen to my visit to the radio show Tee Times on The Gulf Coast talking about putter fitting.


Below are pictures and analysis from a recent putter fitting. Notice the differences in the before and after pictures.

The student that I am teaching is a good player. He carries a 3 handicap, but wanted to improve his putting. The initial assessment showed that he aimed his putter face about five inches left of his intended target. If our alignment is off, we will make compensations in the putting stroke. In all of these pictures the left side is the before and the right side is after. View a video of the putting stroke taken with my new Casio High Speed Camera.



The Fix: In order to help the student aim correctly, I felt he needed to improve his set up positions. First I moved him slightly farther away from the ball, and improved his posture. Second, I changed his ball position, moving it farther back in his stance. Notice how much more room there is between his hands and legs. Improving his setup caused a dramatic improvement in his alignment. After the preswing was corrected I had him use a putting mirror. The mirror helped him attain a correct setup, and gave him a good visual image of the "real" target line. The good news in this lesson was the student had an overall good stroke, so we didn't need a big overhaul. 


The Results: This was a straight 10-12 foot putt. When we began the session, his putt was breaking right, and missing the hole on the right side. The compensations in his stroke, due to alignment, caused the ball to curve. Notice the before picture in the left pane. The line is where he aimed his putter. The ball is right of the line, and eventually missed the hole to the right. Also look how much the putter face has opened. Now look at the after picture in the right pane. The putter face is square, the ball came off the putter where he was aimed, held it's line and went in the hole. After his stroke was fixed the putt rolled dead straight. 

The session ended when I built a putter to fit the students new putting stroke. This was a very 
 successful session, and this student should start making more putts and have more confidence.

If you would like a putting mirror visit ProfessionalGolfShopper.com. While you are their you can see video of US Open Champion Graeme McDowell using his putting mirror