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We Are The Answer To The Questions

The question to girl golfers: Why don’t you play more golf?

The answer: Because I don’t have anyone to play with.

The Question to the parents: Why is she not practicing more?

The answer: I don’t feel comfortable dropping her off at the course and I am busy.

These seem to be the biggest obstacles to girls practicing and playing more golf, and I understand your concerns. So I have decided to start a golf club just for girls.

 The Mobile Girls Golf Club

The Mobile Girls Golf Club will provide a safe, fun, and affordable environment for girls to learn and enjoy playing golf. Girls must meet the established criteria to become a member of the club. Activities will consist of weekly clinics and practice days, and we will offer several play days a month. The Mobile Girls Golf Club will be run by Michael Brisbane, PGA Director of Instruction at Azalea City GC, and Shirley Walker-Yeager, PGA Apprentice Azalea City GC. This is not going to be your regular junior golf clinic, where parents drop their kids off to whack golf balls. This golf club is designed to develop the skills required to be a good golfer, prepare then for high school level golf and eventually college golf.  
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The Staff:

Shirley Walker-Yeager is an PGA Apprentice and Assistant Golf Professional at Azalea City. Prior to Azalea City, Shirley was a member of the golf staff at Magnolia Grove. I met Shirley when she attended a Nike Junior Golf Camp I held at Spring Hill, and she was a member of the Theodore HS girl’s golf team. I continue to work with Shirley on her game weekly. Shirley is committed to becoming a PGA Professional. She adds a great component to the team and works great with the girls.

  • All clinics will be held at Azalea City Golf Course
  • The Younger Girls clinics are for ages 9-13 and will be taught by Michael
  • Shirley will teach the youngest group, ages 6-8, and they can attend the Monday clinic only
  • Older Girls, ages 12 and above, who are playing on golf teams, will take private lessons from Michael, at a special $50 rate, and attend weekly practice days supervised by Michael and Shirley
  • Michael will provide a special private lesson rate for members of the group
  • Practice and Play Days will be held at Azalea City GC and will be administered by Shirley
  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED to attend golf activities
  • Registration and payment for clinics, practice days, and play days must be done online
  • There is a $30 participation fee for each girl
  • Each girl will receive a gift or gifts that we provide each year
  • The cost of clinics and practice days is $15 and must be paid online. Cancellation inside of 24 hours, or a no show, by the student results in a forfeit of that payment
  • The cost of play days is $15 paid online, and then a $5 green fee paid at the golf course
  • Rain Day make up will be the following day at the same time.

Qualifications for approval:

  • Available to girls from Mobile County and surrounding counties including Mississippi
  • Girls must want to be a part of this club
  • Girls must be mature enough to maintain a learning environment in all golf activities
  • Girls must be physically capable to walk and play at least nine holes of golf, and complete 1 hour practice sessions
  • Girls must be able to get along with other members of the club
  • Michael will approve all group members
  • The staff has the ability to remove girls from the club or suspend participation for a set time period
  • This year we have added a clinic hour for girls 7-9 years old, they will register for the younger girls clinic hour only, and will be taught by Shirley


Pay the fees for Paricipation, Clinics, Practice Days, and Play Days Here:  
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Mobile Girls Golf Club Photo Collection:

Enjoy the slide show below of the girls practicing and having fun.