Shirley Walker-Yeager

Shirley is a integral part of the Azalea City Teaching team and golf staff. She is working on her LPGA Class A certification, which she should complete this year. Shirley has been a part of the Mobile Girls Golf Club since it's beginning, is excellent with kids, and the girls love her. She continues to learn and improve her teaching skills, and she makes her students better golfers.  On any give day you will see Shirley with one or more kids, somewhere on the golf course.

6-7 Year Old Girls

  • May Attend One Clinic a week
  • The clinic will be taught by Shirley
  • Clinics will be limited to 6 girls
  • We will have enough clinics to accommodate all girls

Michael Brisbane Golf 

Rules and Qualifications and Fees

  • All girls must be approved by Michael or Shirley
  • All girls must pay a $30 annual participation fee, limit one fee per family
  • Private lesson fees: Michael $60, Shirley $20/half hour, $40/hr
  • Clinics and practice days $20 per one hour session
  • Registration for clinics and practice days must be made online
  • Private lessons will be scheduled with the instructor and payment made to the instructor
  • Please register at least two days prior to the event
  • Cancellations the day of the event, and no shows will forfeit their event fee, strictly enforced
  • We will try and make up any cancellations due to weather the same week
  • If a girl can not attend the make up she can attend another regularly scheduled event
  • Parents are not permitted to attend clinics and practice days
  • If you want to watch, please do so from inside the clubhouse or the back patio 

​​Mobile Girls Golf Club

8-10 Year Old Girls

  • Are encouraged to take at least one private lesson from me a month
  • A second private lesson may be taken from me or Shirley
  • May attend the weekly scheduled practice day
  • Shirley will coach practice days

The Mobile Girls Golf Club was designed to provide a fun, safe environment for girls to learn, practice, and play golf with other girls. The club consists of private lessons, weekly clinics, practice days, and also monthly playing opportunities. All lessons, clinics, and practice days will be taught by me or by Shirley Yeager. This is a one of a kind program. I have never heard of another program like it. 

The biggest obstacles for girls playing golf are:

  1. Their friends don't play golf or they don't have anyone to play with
  2. Parents don't feel comfortable dropping them off at the course. 

The Mobile Girls Golf Club breaks through these obstacles. Your daughter will meet new golf friends which will fuel her desire to play golf. 

11-17 year old Girls

  • Are encouraged to take at least one or more private lesson from me a month 
  • May attend the weekly scheduled practice day 
  • Michael will coach the practice day
  • If we have enough girls I will split this group into two age groups
  • 11-13 and 14-17