Michael Brisbane Golf 

Short Game and Putting Lessons

If you are really interested in lowering your score, you must have your short game analyzed. The short game is where the scoring takes place in golf. I will analyze your putting , chipping and pitch shots, as well as the bunker. I will also critique and improve your mental approach to the short game. We will design practice routines and drills to significantly improve the areas that need attention. Many golfers can save as many as 10 strokes per round, just by fixing their short game.  

Payment Options for Lessons:

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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for golf lessons are available individually, buy one or two for $85.00 each, or in a three lesson package for $225.00. If you would like more lessons please contact me directly. Choose the number of lessons you would like, enter your name and email address, and securely purchase your certificate through PayPal. A certificate will be emailed to you when the transaction is complete. Thank you for your purchase

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V1 Digital Swing Analysis Software

Lessons and Video Swing Analysis

Lesson Rates

All of my private lessons are one-hour, and all lessons involve video analysis.

Private Lesson.....$85.00/hour, first time adult students are eligible for a three lesson package for $225.00 (the three lessons must be taken in a two month period)

Junior Lessons: 

  • Juniors 13 and under...$60/lesson or $165/series of 3 lessons...Lessons will last about 45 minutes
  • Juniors 14 and older, or any junior already playing on a high school team...$85/hour or $225/series of three
  • All three lesson series must be completed in a two month period of time

Group rates are available, and are determined by the number of students. The groups lessons can be structured anyway the group wants them. They can be done in a golf school style over a weekend, or they can be done over a several week period. They can also be used for corporate and business entertaining. My flexibility allows me to tailor lessons to suit your needs.

Launch Monitor Analysis 

3D Swing Analysis

Technology For Swing Analysis

In all of my golf lessons I use some type of video or computer analysis.  It is such a powerful learning tool for the student because it allows them to see what I see.   One thing is true in golf,  feelings and reality are two separate things.  What I mean by this statement is, what we feel is not always what we are doing in the golf swing.  So if we can not see what we look like, it is very difficult to change the motion. 

How To Get The Best Results From Your Golf Lessons

To get the most out of your golf lesson a few guidelines should be followed when you decide to improve your game. The golfer first must  show up for the lesson with an open mind and be willing to make changes. Second, as a student you should listen to your instructor, he or she probably has a lot of golf knowledge. Third, don't expect miracles, generally there is more than one thing wrong with your swing, change takes time. And finally, you must practice, and practice the way your instructor shows you. If you follow this advice, your lesson experience will be much more rewarding, and you should see lower scores soon.